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Well where on earth do I even begin this post?! Hi how are you? Hope you've been keeping well? Haven't the last five-years been a bit of a laugh?

Let's face it, it hasn't! But I think a lot has happened in all of our lives to justify slacking off on website updates - although why I'm doing this now as I'm starting to get busy again as opposed to the lockdown where no one was doing anything is beyond me.

So... stuff! Lot's of stuff. Since I last update this site I have directed two feature films for the might Blumhouse in LA, my mum died while I was making the second feature - eventually leading to me having to sell my family home of over three-decades, almost died from Covid, have been having lots of fun DJing on Twitch to those stuck indoors during the pandemic, and got to play a wookiee in STAR WARS.

Just to be clear, not in that order, but suffice to say, it's be a rollercoaster four-years.

So now that the site is back... what's new? Well, each section has been updated to reflect all recent projects and happenings. Both of my short films HIM INDOORS (2021) and THE BODY (2013) are available to watch via their respective pages on here, and those curious as to what my Twitch night entail can not only see a full schedule of upcoming themed evenings, but can even watch LIVE via the 'Twitch Stream' tab.

This Friday I will be streaming a night dedicated to the music of the '00s from 7.30pm (UK). Everything is done with music videos, so it is a visual experience as well as music. So simply head to the Twitch Stream tab on Friday evening or go directly to and join in the chat and make video requests.

As for upcoming content, over the next few months, where time permits, I will be recording Audio Commentaries for each of my movies that can either be played through the site or downloaded, so that you can sync up and listen to me chat with the cast and crew of each respective film and tell stories from the set. Whenever these happen, they'll be available via the page of whichever film you're after.

In addition to this, I'm toying with the idea of 1 hour long conversations with fellow filmmakers about their favourite movies, and those that inspire them in their own work.

Anyway... that's all for now. Keep posted for forthcoming updates over the next few days.

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2022!

P x


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