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THE BODY (2018)                                             Horror-Comedy / Feature / USA / 83mins

Director:  Paul Davis

Screenwriters:  Paul Fischer & Paul Davis

Producer:  Alexa Faigen, Jason Blum

Cinematographer:  Scott Winig

Editor:  Nate Easterling

Composer:  The Newton Brothers

Starring:  Tom Bateman, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Aurora Perrineau, Ray Santiago, David Hull, Harvey Guillen & Max Adler


A sophisticated hitman with a cynical view on modern society finds his work made more difficult when he has to transport a body on Halloween night, but everyone is enamored by what they think is his killer costume.

Made as the debut episode of Blumhouse's INTO THE DARK series for Hulu, THE BODY is a feature length adaptation of the short film of the same name by Davis and Fischer.

As of 2022, INTO THE DARK is unavailable in the United Kingdom. It is available to stream on HULU in the USA and available on Amazon throughout Europe.



"A clever and grotesque piece of work”!" - New York Times

"The funniest film that Blumhouse has ever produced." - Nerdist

"The well-written interactions between cast members make "The Body" fun to watch." - Common Sense Media

""The Body" is a fun romp with enough self-aware humor, you'll forget you're terrified" - Cosmopolitan

"Boasts a strong story, but also succeeds on a technical level." - Bloody Disgusting

"The murders are pleasingly imaginative & the plot twists unpredictable." - Reason Online

"Genuinely hilarious! " - Father, Son, Holy Gore

"A knowing, funny update of Hitman & American Psycho to generation #metoo" - SyFy Wire

"The pacing is swift, the action is bloody and well choreographed" - Screen Rant

"A bloody good time!" - IGN Movies




"The Body is a bloody good time"

- IGN Film

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