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Hey gang, I just wanted to clear up that all copies of both of my books, BEWARE THE MOON and LOST IN THE SHADOWS are completely SOLD OUT with no plans to reprint either via the publishers Cult Screenings UK/Dead Mouse Productions.

I've been notified of several people sending messages via the contact form on the site asking to pre-order the books, but a) I never sold the books directly anyway (it was all via the publishers via their site), and b) there simply isn't any pre-order available.

I have now removed all of the posts from 2017 (when Lost In The Shadows came out) making reference to any pre-orders, at the hope that this will put the matter to bed.

I'm often asked why the books had such low print runs, with the answer being that, per the business model of the publisher, they were always intended to limited edition collectors pieces that would only be reprinted once or twice at most. Both have now sold out multiple prints. There was a possiblilty of discussing a brand new second edition of LOST IN THE SHADOWS this year, but my work schedule has now made this all but impossible, and any planned talks with the publishers have been put on the back burner.

For those still looking to obtain copies of BEWARE THE MOON and/or LOST IN THE SHADOWS, the only advice I can give is to frequently check on eBay. The prices are always sadly inflated, but for the foreseeable future, it's the only way to get either book.


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