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JOEL SCHUMACHER                                                (Director - The Lost Boys, Batman Forever)

I first met Paul when he interviewed me extensively for Lost in the Shadows, his commemorative book on the making of my film The Lost Boys. I could tell just in the time I spent with him that he was a brilliant thinker and beautiful

writer. That he was, in a word, an artist. But I was still surprised when I saw his film The Body and realized the ingenuity, inspiration and originality he brought to such a massive endeavor as a film production. This film could never have been made without him.

JOHN LANDIS                       (Director - An American Werewolf In London, The Blues Brothers )

"Paul is very, very tall!  He is also incredibly talented and ambitious.  His passion for filmmaking is 100% genuine and his craft continues to grow daily! He has impressed me as a specialist in the horror genre, particularly when it

comes to movies that have a good blend of comedy. With each film he makes, I continue to be impressed by his energy and skill as a director. He is truly a gem of a filmmaker. " 

REECE SHEARSMITH                                                           (Actor - Him Indoors, Inside No.9)

"Paul produces fantastically fresh scripts that always elevate the genre and surprise (and horrify) in thrilling new ways. His direction is sharp and subtle.  A proper talent."

GREG NICOTERO                                (Executive Producer - The Walking Dead, Creepshow )

"I have been fortunate to meet quite a few very talented writers, directors and
performers and I would Paul right up there with some of the best. A man who exhibits tremendous passion for the industry and all that he loves, Paul and I


became fast friends & shared a mutual respect for all things film. After endless conversations about the brilliant work on An American Werewolf in London, I realized that I had found a kindred spirit.  I feel strongly that we have just begun hearing about this talented individual."

POLLYANNA McINTOSH                                 (Actor - Him Indoors, The Walking Dead)

"Paul is as talented, patient, collaborative and enthused by his work as he is tall. And he's super tall. Like, giraffe tall."

WES CRAVEN                                                        (Director - A Nightmare On Elm Street, Scream)

"Paul is an exceptional cinematic tactician. His short films are frightening, funny and beautifully shot. He is certainly set to blow the doors of horror and suspense wide open - except for the one with the tiger behind it"

EBEN BOLTER                                                           (Cinematographer - Avenue 5, Night Teeth)

"Paul is a joy to work with. His knowledge of genre films and film-making are impeccable; and he uses that extensive knowledge not to imitate, but rather as a platform to pay homage and innovate from. I can’t wait to tell more visual stories with him."

“Paul is a unique scholar of genre filmmaking. No one loves or absorbs movies as much as he does, and it shows in his writing, which combines humour and horror with a flair most people sadly gave up on trying to pull off back in the ‘

PAUL FISCHER                                                            (Producer - The Body, Radioman)

80s, and his shot-making, which isn’t just beautiful and showman-like but also, moment by moment, packs in more layers of film history interplay than I even knew existed. He manages all that without being precious or difficult about any of it. Actors love him. Crews love him. And as if that weren’t enough already, he writes behind-the-scenes books to rival the best out there, too."

DAVE ELSEY                                   (Oscar winning Makeup Artist - The Wolfman, Mr. Holmes)

"Art is in the blood, they say. Well, I don’t know who ‘They’ are, but Paul’s short films are proof positive of this. Watching him develop as a genre filmmaker over the years is exciting, because it feels like watching a new master storyteller developing his craft. Whatever is in the blood, Paul knows how to curdle it!"

OSYMYSO                                                                             (Composer - The Body, Him Indoors)

"I love working with Paul, his boundless energy, monumental enthusiasm, prowess and interminable good humour mean it's never boring being in his presence and it never feels like work when I'm involved in one of his films. I doubt I'll ever meet anyone who knows or loves his genre more than Paul does and the future of horror is safe in his hands."

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