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UNCANNY ANNIE (2019)                                                            Horror / Feature / USA

Director:  Paul Davis

Screenwriters:  The Bachelor Brothers

Producer:  Tevin Adleman, Scott Fort, Jason Blum

Starring:  Adelaide Kane, Georgie Flores, Paige McGhee, Dyland Arnold, Evan Bittencourt, Jacques Collimon

Production Company:  Blumhouse / Hulu

"Annie's brand of demonic manipulation is no child's play and approved for all ages." - SlashFilm


On Halloween night a group of college students get trapped in a mysterious board game that brings their darkest secrets and fears to life, where they must play to escape...and win to survive.

Uncanny Annie was the first feature film of season 2 of INTO THE DARK, with Davis being one of a few directors to helm two entries, and the only director to tackle the holiday of Halloween in both seasons.

THE BODY (2018)                              Horror-Comedy / Feature / USA

Directors:  Paul Davis

Screenwriter:  Paul Fischer & Paul Davisl

Producers:  Alexa Faigen, Jason Blum

Starring  Tom Bateman, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Aurora Perrineau, Ray Santiago, David Hull & Harvey Guillen

Production Company:  Blumhouse Productions / Hulu

"The first installment of Hulu's Into the Dark, "The Body," is a bloody good time." - IGN Movies


A sophisticated hitman with a cynical view on modern society finds his work made more difficult when he has to transport a body on Halloween night, but everyone is enamored by what they think is his killer costume.

Made as the debut episode of Blumhouse's INTO THE DARK series for Hulu, THE BODY is a feature adaptation of the short film of the same name by Davis and Fischer.

THE BODY (2013)                                                          Horror-Comedy / Short / UK

Director:  Paul Davis

Screenwriters:  Paul Fischer & Paul Davis

Producer:  Paul Fischer

Starring:  Alfie Allen, Hannah Tointon, Christian Brassington, Jack Gordon

Production Company:  Ten Cent Adventures



A professional killer (Alfie Allen, GAME OF THRONES) discovers he can get away with anything on Halloween night, including dragging his latest victim around as a prop amidst a sea of oblivious London party goers.


THE BODY stars Alfie Allen, Hannah Tointon, Christian Brassington and Jack Gordon. It is the second short film by Writer/Director Paul Davis (HIM INDOORS/BEWARE THE MOON) and is Co-Written and Produced by Paul Fischer.

HIM INDOORS (2012)                           Horror-Comedy / Short / UK

Director:  Paul Davis

Screenwriter:  Paul Davis

Producer:  James Pears

Starring  Reece Shearsmith, Pollyanna McIntosh, Seelan Gunaseelan, David Schofield

Production Company:  Kesslerboy Productions

"A stylish directorial debut from Paul Davis." - Paul McEvoy, FrightFest

Gregory Brewster is a serial killer, only problem is, he's agoraphobic! Facing an impending eviction from his family home, Gregory has a plan that will save him from being subjected to the one thing he's terrified of... the outside world. Things don't quite go to plan however, when a surprise visit from his new neighbor finds him in a very awkward situation.

BEWARE THE MOON (2009)                                           Documentary / Feature / UK

Director:  Paul Davis

Screenwriter:  Paul Davis

Producers:  Paul Davis & Romy Alford-Sancto

Starring:  John Landis, Rick Baker, David Naughton, Jenny Agutter, Griffin Dunne

Production Company:  Kesslerboy Productions / Bueno Productions


"BEWARE THE MOON should be a referenced piece for a state of the art MAKING OF documentary! Passionately made correctly! LOVE IT!" - Harry Knowles, Ain't It Cool

Shot entirely by Director/Producer Paul Davis and Cameraman/Editor/Exec Producer Anthony Bueno in 2007, BEWARE THE MOON is a feature documentary that chronicles the making of John Landis' horror classic, AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON -- featuring over 25 members of the original cast and crew (including John Landis, Rick Baker, David Naughton, Griffin Dunne and Jenny Agutter), previously unseen test footage and a look at all the original locations over 25-years after the movie was shot.

The film would go on to have it's World Premier at Film4 Frightfest at the Empire Leicester Square in August 2009 (introduced by John Landis), it's North American Premier at the New Beverly Cinema in Hollywood (introduced by Rick Baker) and was included on the 2-disc DVD and Blu-Ray release of AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON.

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