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BEWARE THE MOON Rondo Nomination!

Hey gang, so I've just seen that my book, BEWARE THE MOON - THE STORY OF AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON has been nominated for a prestigious Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Appreciation Award for Best Book of 2016.

The official Ballot is below. You can vote in as many or as little of the categories as you want. Just copy and paste it into an email and delete ALL but the one you want to vote for and send it to -

If you enjoyed the book then please do consider to give us a vote. They all count and are all appreciated.

I won a Rondo in 2009 for the BEWARE THE MOON documentary, but win or lose, it's just nice to be nominated alongside such brilliant authors.

Here's the official ballot for the 2017 Rondo Awards:

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