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It's been a pretty full on and epic week for THE LOST BOYS 30th anniversary book project - LOST IN THE SHADOWS. Things kicked off in a rather 'excellent' way, with a 50min interview with Alex Winter, who of course played the vampire 'Marko' in the film. Shortly after that phone call, I received word that the director of THE LOST BOYS, the brilliant JOEL SCHUMACHER, will be joining us to talk about his time directing the movie.

Now if THAT wasn't enough - and this one kills me, literally five minutes later I got an email from the publicist of one of the biggest names associated to the film, confirming his involvement in the project. Now the reason this kills me is because I don't have the green light to announce this person's name yet - but trust me, it'll be worth it when I do make the announcement and will warrant one of these updates all to itself.

The following day I had the pleasure of spending over an hour and a half on the phone with G Tom Mac (aka Gerard McMahon) the songwriter and performer of the movie's theme song, 'Cry Little Sister'. This has, by far, been one of my favourite interviews for the book so far and is a wonderful insight into the creation and composition of this wonderful song. You guys are really in for a treat!

So where are we at now with the book? Well, right now we are still confirming and conducting interviews. I'm hoping to get most if not all of the interviews in the can by the end of January, so that I can concentrate on piecing the book together February through to May. As of right now, the current plan is for the book's cover to be unveiled in March and pre-orders to begin in May for a mid-August shipping date. There are preliminary plans to launch the book both in the USA and the UK, but nothing so far that can be announced until next year.

On that note, below is a complete list (barring a few surprises that will be announced later) of everyone currently confirmed to be interviewed (or already interviewed) for LOST IN THE SHADOWS - THE STORY OF THE LOST BOYS...


RICHARD DONNER (Executive Producer)

JAMES JEREMIAS (Screenwriter)


BILLY WIRTH (‘Dwayne’)



TIM CAPPELLO (‘Concert Star’/Artist ‘I Still Believe’)

JOHN HYDE (Co-Executive Producer)

BO WELCH (Production Designer)

TOM DUFFIELD (Art Director)

GREG CANNOM (Makeup FX Designer)

TONY GARDNER (Makeup FX Artist)

STEVE LaPORTE (Makeup FX Artist)

BRENT BAKER (Makeup FX Artist)

CHRIS GOEHE (Makeup FX Artist)


MATT SWEENEY (Special Effects Supervisor)

ERIC BREVIG (Visual Effects Supervisor)

DENNIS GRISCOE (Animal Trainer)

WILLIAM GRISCOE (Animal Trainer)

G TOM MAC (Artist ‘Cry Little Sister’)

LOU GRAMM (Artist ‘Lost In The Shadows’)

JOE FERRARA (Comic Book Store Owner)

STEVE JOHNSON (1st Makeup FX Supervisor - Boss Film)

KEVIN BRENNAN (Original Concept Artist - Boss Film)

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