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More names added to THE LOST BOYS book!

It's been a busy, busy week on LOST IN THE SHADOWS, my upcoming book on the making-of the 1987 fan favourite, THE LOST BOYS. Things kicked off last Monday with a 40 minute phone conversation with the legendary Richard Donner. I then had the pleasure of talking to Joe Ferrara, who is the owner of Atlantis Fantasyworld - the comic book store in Santa Cruz that was used in the movie. Then on Thursday I had the pleasure of talking with the sexy sax man himself, Mr. Tim Cappello!

In between phone calls I have been constantly adding new names to the project. So far I confirmed no less that TWENTY-TWO members of the original cast and crew. I will be periodically revealing exactly who they are, however below is a list of those I have already confirmed this past week over on a official Twitter account - @lostboysbook30!

Keep on checking that Twitter account over the course of this week as I'll be adding more names to the project. Tomorrow gets things underway with a phone conversation with Mr. Alex Winter - and from there I will be speaking with the singer and song writer to the unforgettable theme from the movie, 'Cry Little Sister', Mr. G Tom Mac, then its Visual Effects Supervisor Eric Brevig and Production Designer Bo Welch.

In addition, I just came across so EXTREMELY rare concept artwork from the movie. Some really cool and radical stuff... Stay tuned

Officially announced participants:

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