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PAUL'S PICKS - My 2000 Favourite Movies

In the spirit of the great 1,000 lists compiled by the likes of Edgar Wright, and many others, I decided to push myself and create a list over on MUBI of TWO THOUSAND movies that I love and enjoy.

It is a list of films (features, shorts and documentaries) that I personally like. Purely my own opinion.  I'm not in anyway saying these are the best films of all time - for Christ's sake, Condorman is on here! This is simply for the fun of pushing myself to find 2,000 films (mostly based on my own collection) that I love, adore and would recommend to anyone (yes, even Deadly Friend).

Every movie has been painstakingly organised by it’s original release date, so this doesn’t reflect any kind of preference. All I could ever tell you in that respect is that my favourite movie is The Exorcist, closely followed by Jaws.


Anyway, click the image to see the list. Enjoy!

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